Sarah’s Summer Day

My daughter Sarah passed away on August 4th, 2015.

She was only 26. It was a beautiful Summer day in the Deer Creek Trail Green belt. I was taking photos of flowers and my second oldest was standing directly on the left of this picture. We had an awesome day in the park! It happened to be the last time I saw her. I digitally manipulated this image ’til I got something very special to me. I love you Sarah…

The Reef

It was a blizzard like morning, in Denver, Co. I bundled up and took my camera out with me, to photograph the beautiful, shiny, cold snow covering all surfaces. I took a few shots containing nothing but heavy, laden branches of a Blue Spruce pine tree. I manipulated two of the images with overlaying, effects, color and many digital steps.

Dreaming of the reef on a snowy, winter day.