The Making of Android Art

I started with my artwork in 2014. I took my ancient Cricket phone and started taking pictures. Of anything and everything! Then I used the Photo Studio app and digitally manipulated the pictures into interesting images. I continued this, almost compulsively, for three years. I have quite a collection.

This was my very first piece of art…

This image was a photo of snow on a pine tree branch, from a Denver blizzard. I manipulated it with multiple steps into this work of art:

“The Reef”

I got to know the apps functions in depth. I upgraded to Photo Studio Pro for $1.99 and have become acquainted with it’s many features.

I eventually got tired of taking the photos and started designing my own images…right on my cell phone. With shapes, colors, overlaying, filters, and many other actions. I worked on the average of three to four hours on each project. Most involved at least one hundred steps. I just kept changing it in many ways with the apps almost endless possibilities…

The next piece is Bent, not Broken. My daughter received a gorgeous bouquet for her anniversary. As the flowers died she pulled them out and threw them in the trash. I was in the kitchen and saw this lonely little blossom. I photographed it against a black background and also digitally manipulated the photo. This image is special to me because I identify with being bent but not Broken.

This next image I took a picture of blue paper to be my background. I added multi-colored squares and again with many manipulations came up with this. (I thought it looked like it should be hanging somewhere on Wall Street.) Hence the name:

Its fun and mind boggling!

I started with two photos. One was dandelions and the other, strange brown mushrooms I found across the street. I overlayed the two photos and designed this…

This image was a kick in the butt. I snapped photos at the Bass Pro Shop. I have a fascination with bears, especially grizzlies. I manipulated this pic and added water…

I started this with a light creme colored background and went thru the fonts, in the text option .

I used a capital “I” in a pretty, curly font and designed this swan. Played with the color quite a bit, until I liked it.


I’ve had tons of fun with my art in the past four years. I’ve progressed into something totally different than I started with.

My art is digital, I use my cell phone but it’s different from other digital artwork. It’s hard to fathom that it’s possible to completely design a project and make the file size big enough to print on Giclee, archival material, from a cell phone.

The Traveler

This last image I used shapes and great colors. Many manipulations in this piece. It reminds me of driving and looking thru the windshield, on a rainy night.

Thanks for looking!