About The Artist


I’m on the right…

My given name is Bernadette Grace Bradley.

I was born in Denver, Co. in 1959.

My dad was a cop and my mom, stayed at home. I am second oldest of six siblings.

My first 13 years were happy and normal but at that same age, my parents divorced and my dad left.

My world turned upside down as we were then, incredibly neglected. I stepped up and helped raise my four younger brothers and sisters. I was given a large amount of responsibility, at such a young age.

This traumatic event triggered my mental disabilities. I’ve been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, OCD, anxiety and eventually developed agoraphobia. I’ve managed to cope with self talk and meds.

I lived in poverty during my childhood and it taught me a lot about people and the world. There is kindness and then those that are unkind.

I struggled through school because of my mental handicap and ended up dropping out.

I eventually got married at age 27 to a Spanish man named Rivera. We had three children, which two are grown and my daughter Sarah passed on 8/4/2015.

I survived 12 years of domestic violence and have 21 years of sobriety, which started the day I left.

Subsequently my children’s father hung himself in 2001. We had been separated for four years but I never divorced him. The kids had an extremely close relationship with their dad and spent every weekend with him.

I have faith and did the best I could as a single mother.

I spent 9 months in a residential treatment program, named New Directions in 1997. It saved my life and allowed me to keep my children .

My writing has kept me going since age 13, when I wrote my first children’s book and have since self published it.

I accomplished a 225,000 word, crime/thriller trilogy in 2014 and 15.

I started my art by taking pictures and digitally manipulating them into my earlier works. I then started designing digital images, completely with my cell phone.

It’s great fun and the creative process soothes my soul. My art and journalism keep me happy .

I’m starting a new novel, named Mortal Hideaway. I’ve sold my artwork in galleries and art shows.

I love beauty, color and the written word.

Oh! I’m also the grandmother of four precious babies… Two of which I happily raised for five years… and I have a boxer named Ally who is my best friend as an emotional support animal.

Thanks for reading.

“Bent but not Broken”